What Do YOU Need?

IntelliGrunts is an ambitious and fast-growing New York start-up designed to assist other start-ups and small business ventures by offering solutions to the many obstacles a new company may face.


It's our job to know WHAT you should be working on.


Originally beginning as an Idea Agency, IntelliGrunts was busy developing strategic solutions and marketing plans when we began to help in the execution of those ideas and thus IntelliGrunts was launched.


Start-ups and small scale businesses face unique challenges that we are well equipped to handle.  From a VC pitch to bringing your brand to the public we can help! Like it or not, your marketing plans begin with your first concept!


IntelliGrunts combines expertise from disciplines culled from across an eclectic resource of industries and then utilizing the efforts of a group of experts as needed, we can develop and execute everything from business strategies to marketing plans with the type of intelligence and effectiveness that every business owner needs.


Tell us what YOU need!


If you find yourself spending time running your business and not doing what you do best then it's time to call IntelliGrunts

A short list of our primary services would include:

  • Strategic Operations
  • Marketing, Guerilla marketing and Internet marketing
  • Efficiency Systems


Why waste your time when you can waste ours? We are highly effective in taking what you have or do and increasing the intrinsic value. Our expertise in marketing is unique because of our flexibility and our thinking. We have performed marketing services for all types of industries and our brand management skills resemble big agency departments, but at small business affordability.


Other services we can offer include:

  • Small Businesss Accounting & Virtual CFO
  • IT Support
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Social Media


Contact us with your questions or email us with an example of whatever obstacles you may face and we will get back to you with a free estimate.  No request is unreasonable, who knows we may award a prize for the "toughest obstacle" out there!


Do you have other needs that are tedious and mundane?  Why not contact us? We do grunt work intelligently!

  • Proofreading
  • Administrative Duties
  • Organizing
  • Staffing & Project Management


Contact us today! You have nothing to lose by asking - except your money and your mind if you don't!

Free estimates available.  Work smart with us!







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